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Twin Reaper is a combination of two action shooter games,
Possessor and Purger.

In Possessor, you play as a ghost that can possess marines to attack with and also possess personnel to access various abilities. You must consume all of their souls, and collect all of the lost souls around the base.

In Purger, you play as a marine with access to various weapons. You must eradicate all of the mutants, monsters and ghosts infesting a military base. They won't go down without a fight!

Twin Reaper Features
  • Two action packed games in one.
  • 48 levels of action.
  • 25 unique game elements.
  • 40 enemy types.
  • 4 bosses.
  • Arena mode.
  • 15 original music tracks.



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Code, Game/Level Design - Christopher Emirzian
Art - Tim McFarland, Christopher Emirzian,
James Alexander
Music - Tim McFarland, Luke Grinkovich, Louis Gorenfeld,
Christopher Emirzian


Center of Gravity: Programming

All content and material Christopher Emirzian
All rights reserved